How can I get my opt-in-checkbox pre-checked?

Facebook made some changes to it's platform and as of the 6th of October 2017 - the check-box plugin is unchecked by default.

Only stores that installed the Messenger plug-in before this date will be able to show a pre-checked checkbox.

If you are lucky enough to have installed the app before this - no worries, please disregard the rest of this article. If not- please read on..

1. Ensure you comply with the add to cart compliancy list

Please ensure that you comply with all of the points listed in the following article. 

Add to Cart compliancy list

Once you have checked all of the points in the compliancy list please proceed to filling out the form.

2. Fill in the application form

Please see the following steps on how to find the form.

3. Wait for approval from Facebook

Once you submit the form - please wait up to 4 weeks for Facebook to process your application.