Getting started with Abandoned Cart Campaigns

Abandoned carts are common when it comes to online shopping, and these are also sales opportunities that can go to waste. You can now resolve and manage issues with abandoned carts by using the Abandoned cart campaigns.

What is the Abandoned Cart Campaign?

The Abandoned Cart campaign allows the sending of messages to your customers whenever they browse your online store but abandon their shopping cart and do not push through with their online shopping. This reminds the customers about the unfinished online shopping and lets them continue the purchase.

Who can receive the notification?

Everyone who has subscribed to your messenger can receive the notification. They need to check the box on the product page that allows them to receive notifications.

Can you style the way the notifications appear?

Yes! You can customize the settings on the app so it uses your own settings. You can change the animation type, set the position, font style, shape, icon color, and even the number color.

Tips on how to make the campaign more successful

1. Make your notifications friendly but straight-forward. It is important to keep a friendly tone but make sure to keep it short and concise as well.

2. Make it more catchy. People tend to just ignore promotional messages and emails so try to make your notifications as attractive as possible. If you need to use emojis and the likes, do so.

3. Lure customers by giving out discounts. Everyone loves discounts so give it to your customers and make them happy. They will always remember your store because of the discounts they have availed.